Elevate Your Visual Storytelling With Award Winning Hamptons Drone Photography and Videography

My Background

Taking in the cool breeze from the Atlantic Ocean I see the birds, circling the boats then I soar across the crisp blue water finding scores of majestic marine life waiting for me to capture their beauty.

Surrounded by the sweet salt air, with the sun beating down, I fly safe and dream big.


My services include printing photos on a large scale on your preferred medium. I offer hourly consultations and specialize in custom drone aerial photography and cinematography, including advanced indoor flights for FPV promotional videos. I'm available for events, action sports, real estate, construction, security, and more.

Additionally, I offer private flying lessons and mentorship, including indoor drone flying. I regularly release new prints and books, so check back frequently. Sign up for updates to be notified about new prints, books, sales, and shows.

In The News


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